Joint replacement surgery (also known as an arthroplasty) is a very common surgery in Australia. It is a very effective procedure to help with pain associated with osteoarthritis. It can also be done in some circumstances where there is a severe injury to the joint, usually as a result of major trauma or infection. The two most common joints replaced are the knee and hip but it’s also possible to do ankle, shoulder and elbow replacements. Rehabilitation before and after surgery is crucial to ensure the best result and a timely return to your normal daily activities or sport.

During surgery, your surgeon needs to move a lot of muscles away from the joint, remove the old joint surface and replace it with a new one that is cemented in place. This process involves a degree of bleeding from the structures around the joint and there will also be some bruising as well. If left alone after the surgery, this can lead to the joint becoming stiff and the muscles around it becoming weak. This is where rehabilitation is important