Post-Op Rehab

At Physiotherapy @ SORSC, our Physiotherapists work closely with the highly experienced orthopaedic specialists at Sydney Orthopaedic and Reconstructive Specialist Centre.

We will help you recover from a recent operation with specific rehab programs that are tailored to you and your specific procedure. Our physiotherapists can help you regain full strength, range of motion and fitness to allow you to return to the activities you enjoy or the sport you play.

After an orthopaedic procedure, it is vital that the Physiotherapist works as part of a team with your surgeon and GP to achieve the best recovery. Because we work directly alongside the specialists at SORSC, we can closely monitor your progress and ensure that you have a great result.

Why is Physiotherapy important after Orthopaedic Surgery?

Orthopaedic surgery involves an operation by a specialist doctor to repair bones, ligaments and/or muscles. These types of surgery can be elective (when you plan in advance to have the surgery done) or emergency, as a result of trauma or unexpected injuries. When any kind of orthopaedic surgery is done, there will be some loss of strength and joint movement in the area and a physiotherapist is expertly placed to assist with rehabilitation.

What about Physiotherapy before my operation?

In certain elective surgeries, there is strong research to support “pre-habilitation”, which is pre-operative exercise to improve your post-operative outcome. This involves a program of exercises that are specific to the planned operation, such as joint range of motion exercises, strength and mobility training, balance exercises and general fitness. The pre-habilitation program prepares the affected joint and the rest of the body for surgery and makes post-operative rehabilitation significantly quicker and easier.